Welcome to the Foodworkshop website, where you'll find a taste of mouthwatering work by New Zealand food stylist Bronwyn Byrne.

Bronwyn's clients include names such as Tegel, Burger King, Regal Salmon, Fonterra, Sealord, SkyCity, Cerebos Greggs, Heinz Watties, Heilala Vanilla, NZ Salmon, Silver Fern Farms and Chelsea Sugar, and a number of television production companies.

With a Home Science degree from Otago University and a postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, Bronwyn brings to her work a sound professional understanding of the role of food in the fast-paced, consumer-oriented world in which we all live. As a consequence, Bronwyn also works as a consultant to a variety of quality-driven food manufacturers in the specialist areas of new product and new recipe development.